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Who are we? Meet the team!

Solano Travel is much more than just a Travel Blog/Vlog/Podcast it's a family. Here you can learn all about the people that make it possible.


My name is Esteban C. Solano but most people call me The Crazy Mexican, I am head author and editor in Solano Travel. 

I'm a chef/travel agent turned comedian travelling the world meeting fantastic people, visiting hundreds of cities, and volunteering everwhere. As a result I have thousands of stories to tell and in this blog/podcast/YouTube channel is where I will tell you all of them. The good, the bad, and the insane, leaving nothing out.

Hopefully I can bring a smile to your face. My goal is simple: visit every single country that exists before my time comes. So, for anyone listening I'd like to say: The only way to beat the evergrowing hate in the world is with love, and we obtain it by keeping travel and storytelling alive.

Anna Maslennikova from Moscow, Russia is our official photographer, graphic designer and head of marketing.


She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and a Masters Degree in Management in Advertising and Media at the The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Setting aside her outstanding qualifications,

she is a passionate of artistic and travel photography often combining both to create the astonishing pictures you see

in the Solano Travel Blog.


She has traveled around Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Mediterranean Italy, Russia and Canada. That touch of refined class and beauty you enjoy in our website is a hundred percent due to Ms Maslennikova’s efforts!

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