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A letter to Mexico's Future, Raising our Fists.

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

I kept my voice silent about the whole situation taking place in my country. This because I felt I needed a bigger understanding before voicing my opinion. But this is not my opinion, these are my feelings.

What do you do when a preventable tragedy strikes your people? When this tragedy leaves your people angry, frustrated and feeling abandoned by a system that has let them down. The same system that promised to change yet sees so causally the death of ordinary people, like flies on a windscreen.

Is it horrifying to see our community abandoned? Asking themselves: Where are the services, the security, the State? The rage is huge, I think because of how avoidable all it was. One can only wonder, was all this predictable? Was it really avoidable? Are we going to fix it by supporting this or that specific side, party, person or system? Can we even fix it? Some people think we can.

People like me (I like to call myself an idealist), we prefer to take small amounts of knowledge of every system and create our very own amalgamation of thought. I believe a balance between action and neutrality to be a great solution. I don’t “have a side” yet people say it's impossible or just “can’t work”.

Is it really impossible? Can it work? Here is my answer:

The government, the system, left the people on their own once before at a time when they were most needed. People went “Right. You get supplies to the injured, you organize searching parties, you open up your properties to give shelter and rest to who needs it.” Do you remember when this happened? I do, 19 September 2017.

That was real action. This showed us that we can work together when we really need to. We shouldn’t wait for tragedies to unite us. Just because you vote every three or six years or take part in some protests you are not being democratic, politic or “part of the solution” you are just being apathetic.

It's time to become more revolutionary and that doesn’t mean violence, that doesn’t mean taking control of our lives only when disasters are happening. That means to unite like we did before. That means to protect and love each other just as we did back then, when someone rose a fist we all went silent to LISTEN AND SAVE that person we didn’t know.

I think is our time to Listen. Hear the protesters, but really listen. We are one nation, kill one and that kills us all. Us all. There's no them, there's us.

Listen and Save our Nation.

Listen, she is raising her fist.

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