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Batman got arrested in a Russian Protest

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Russia is experiencing the biggest protests since the 90s, the reason for this is the return of politician and candidate from the opposition party Future Russia (Rossia Budushego) AlexeyNavalny. He returned from Germany after being allegedly poisoned by the Putin administration.

Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, Moscow. Fotos: Uriy Smituk, Uriy Kozirev, Elena Lukianova/ "Novaya Gazeta"

Riots in favor of him started in Moscow since his arrival on the 17th January 2021, approximately 4800 people have been arrested (to the date of this publication) along with 38 journalists. This is all due to Nalvany being arrested on arrival to the Sheremetyevo airport which wasn't the original arrival destination of his flight. Hundreds of people gathered at the flight's original destination, Vnukovo airport, to welcome Nalvany, due to this the Russian authorities rerouted the flight to Sheremetyevo.

Moscow. Foto by Vlad Doshkin/ "Novaya gazeta"

Navalny's wife Julia Navalnaya was arrested the 31st January 2021. Protests have been quite violent with the Russian police using teasers, riot batons and electroshock on the demonstrators. Russians have been comparing the violence of these riots to the violence that occurred in Minsk, Belarus after the last elections. The worst part is not even superheroes can stop it as Batman was also arrested!

Moscow. Foto by Ruslan Terechov/ "SotaVision"

The information presented here was willfully given by unofficial sources, this means people, friends of mine, living in Russia. As it's not official this article should not be treated as such, the finality of this piece is firstly to bring some light on the situation of the Russian people and lastly to entertain. The team of Solano Travel wishes for the violence to stop and a solution be found by civilized means. 1st of February 2021.

Всем моим родным и друзьям в России, будьте в безопасности и заботьтесь друг о друге. Вы происходите из длинной линии сильных и непоколебимых людей, я посылаю вам свою любовь и поддержку. Спасибо вам за все, что есть в России.

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