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Incredible Women are All Around the World

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

On the 8th of March, International Women's Day is celebrated throughout world as the centerpiece of the women's rights movement. I could go on with the history of this day, give a thorough explanation of its origins or I could show you an incomplete index of the most astounding women I've ever had the pleasure to meet and their projects. I chose the latter.

But if you want to read an article about women and travel I leave you this one here.

Why do I say Incomplete? In this occasion I am only tallying those women with a current own project as a way to give them some exposure. There isn't enough time in the universe for me to name every single outstanding woman I have met. Let's begin.

  1. Anna Maslennikova. Russian Photographer

  2. Magdalena Cruz. Mexican Mountain Climber

  3. Alejandra Alcantara. Mexican Women's Rights Activist

  4. Rebecca Guerra. Mexican Women's Rights Activist

  5. Katery Gutierrez. Mexican Actress & Streamer

  6. Daniela Alcocer. Mexican Actress & Singer

  7. Julia Zaremba. American Artist

  8. Elizabeth Mcguoirk. American Comedian

  9. Ambi Narula. American Comedian

  10. Laura Marie. American Comedian

  11. Iris Brody. American Comedian

  12. Elani Nichelle. American Comedian

  13. Eliza Butler. American Comedian

  14. Destiny. American Comedian

  15. Piyali Mukherjee. American Writer & Comedian

  16. Jules Dandelion. Austrian Artist & Performer

  17. Mariangela Guiliane. Brazilian YouTuber

  18. Fernanda Neor. Mexican Artist & Model

  19. Abby Brown. Mexican Photographer

  20. Marine Gibert. French Photographer

  21. Maria Mainelli. American Comedian

  22. Michelle Pulido. Mexican Singer

  23. Tanit Lavie. Mexican Nurse

  24. Marisol Miranda. Mexican Jujitsu Athelete

  25. Arielle Dundas. American Comedian

  26. Eleonora Tavella. Italian Tattoo Artist

  27. Andrea Pineda. Mexican Painter

  28. Marina Gallardo. Mexican Artistic Ice Skater

  29. Naomi Bravo. Mexican Folklore Dancer

  30. Guadalupe Dulche. Mexican Nutricionist

  31. Lucia Huacuja. Mexican Actress

  32. Nicole Carmona. Mexican E-Commerce Saleswoman

  33. Rebecca T. Kaplan. American Comedian & Host

  34. Alicia González. Mexican Actress & Singer

  35. Kaya Kamenaric. Slovenian Journalist

  36. Ireana Damken. Mexican Environmental Activist

I would like to apologize if your surnames don't appear, this was meant as a "surprise gift" for the occasion. And yes, I do intend to expand on this index every year.

Can I just say, I know I'm not the easiest bloke to get along with, I'm certainly not the brightest there is but I would like to thank you all. In a way my life got a bit brighter each time one of you came into it. Thank you kindly ladies, thank you kindly.

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